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Accidents | Personal Injury

If you have been injured, we will ensure that you’re properly compensated. We’re not compensated, unless you are. We negotiate with the other party or their insurance company on your behalf and, if necessary, will take your case to trial.

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We represent you to ensure that any money owed to you is secured and repaid. Though some individuals believe they can escape their debt through bankruptcy, we will protect your claim even if the debtor files chapter 7, 11, or 13.

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Business & Corporate Law

We guide you and your business through various legal obstacles, from starting your new business to protecting you and your business through possible litigation. Our team is highly skilled at identifying the needs of any business and finding smart solutions. Our job is to make your business better, and to reduce your stress.

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We protect your rights and driver license throughout the entire legal process, so to ensure you are not wrongly convicted or penalized.

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We protect you in regards to any employment dispute, from discrimination to potential meal and rest break violations. Our representation is not limited only to lawsuits either, as we also provide informed advice and guidance regarding all employment related matters.

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Landlord & Tenant | Real Estate

Whether you’re involved in a dispute regarding your rental unit or in a complicated real estate deal, we’ll find you the best outcome. Don’t be taken advantage of because there is often a legal solution. So, let us take the stress and find the solution.

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Our Testimonials.

  • Attentive service and great legal advice. I am very picky when it comes to my legal counsel. Jacob and Eamon dealt with my case promptly and would recommend this firm to anyone who wants the job done right.

    Natalie E.
  • I have been a client for almost 3 years and these guys raise the bar for every other Attorney in town! They are by far the most caring, responsive and knowledgeable Attorneys I have ever worked with!!! That’s beside the fact that they are truly a pleasure to work with!!!

    Michael F.
  • Barrington Legal is great. Both their attorneys (Jacob & Eamon) are very knowledgeable. They offered me a ​free consultation and answered all my questions in a way I could understand some complicated issues. I highly recommend them for corporate​ disputes​ and personal injury. It’s been a pleasure to find two trustworthy, patient, and customer services oriented attorneys in Los Angeles!

    Naram K.
  • I was in a legal battle for 2 years using another law firm and the case had no sight in end. I met Jacob at an event and upon finding out he was a lawyer I decided to switch to Barrington Legal. Jacob and Eamon were able to close the case within 6 months!!!
    There are so many law firms to choose from but without hesitation I would recommend Barrington Legal to anyone in need of a pro-active and professional law firm.

    Jeremy R.
  • Mr. Jafari has represented my company and me personally on several occasions. He knows exactly how to communicate to me so I don’t get lost in legal terms or procedures. I give him a case and tell him what I want and he gave me a reasonable estimate of his fees. He did his best to and stayed within each budget provided. Mr. Jafari has delivered 100% for me in all cases. I know I am in good hands with him. 

    Shawn R.
  • Great Los Angeles attorneys who worked on my case. For my personal injury case they help me for 6 months until finally reaching a settlement. Mr. Jafari represented me very well and is an excellent attorney. 

    Sammy L.
  • I had some questions about my startup business and this firm was very helpful in putting my mind at ease. They made sure that I had done everything correctly and at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend them to anyone starting their own firm! They’re a great boutique firm for business law. 

    Kate A.
  • My experience with this firm was a very positive one. I was lucky enough to talk to Eamon and he gave me great advice about my situation before I even hired him. He made the process smooth and easy. He answered any questions that I had promptly and handled my case in a matter of a few weeks. I must say I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and cannot thank him enough. The best lawyer in Los Angeles! 

    Lilit A.
  • Eamon assisted when I totaled my car and injured my back. I was so stressed the entire time, and he never cared how many times I checked in for updates. I was satisfied with the closing of the case and will work with him again in the future if I need legal advice or assistance.  

    Ashley B.
  • I recently had a case with Eamon Jafari and am very satisfied with his services. He was patient and helpful. He explained everything clearly to me. I felt very secure. Also his assistant Karly was great. I highly recommend him.  

    Aidee N.
  • I was truly nervous going into this because every fiber of my being wanted to just walk away, for so many reasons – from just wanting to focus on moving on and recovering without looking back, to the bewilderment at how life is translated into costs. But you were patient with my nervousness and helped me to understand this as not just about the costs, but returned my focus back to my life and what it means. In a large way, you gave me not just the check for a sum of money, but some meaning and clarity about myself. No one else could have done this.  

    Young T.
  • I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much!! for caring so much about me and my injuries and taking the time to explain everything to me in great detail so I understand it,  it made me feel much better.  

    Robert R.
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart. These are still not sufficient words to express how I feel. For someone who likes words, I seem to find them wanting right now!

    And for both us, the wonderful bonus in all of this has been getting to know you. This experience has brought us a friendship that I will cherish.  

    Nathan A.
  • Thank you just does not do justice to what you’ve helped us with. It means so much to us that we had the great good fortune to meet you and have you take care of this case. You did what you had to do with sensitivity to our needs and our values. I appreciate how well you balanced your legal obligation to tell us about our options, how clearly and passionately you shared your professional recommendations, all the while making sure that these did not push us into actions we were not able to live with.  

    Shamini D.
  • You guys have continued to provide great representation and advice through the years. You make it easy for me to reach out and ask simple questions. Thank you for your continued hard work!

    Helen A.

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