$972,000.00 Jury Verdict After 9-Day Trial

Case Type: Insurance
Opposing Party: Insurance Agent

Our non-English speaking client applied for an insurance policy that would provide benefit payments until the age of 65 in the event of an injury that impacted his income. However, 5 years after being injured, our client suddenly discovered that the insurance agent had failed to inform him that the insurance policy only provided benefit payments for 5 years rather than to age 65, which our client only discovered once the insurance company stopped making further payments after 5 years. As a result, our client was unable to receive approximately $240,000 of insurance benefits, which forced him to sell his business and incur various loans to pay for his family’s living expenses.

After a 9-day jury trial, 12 of the 12-jurors found that the insurance agent was liable for negligence and negligent misrepresentation, and awarded our client a total of $972,000.00 based upon $222,000 for the economic damages and $750,000 the mental and emotional distress our client suffered as a result of the insurance agent’s conduct.